Run, run, run

A poem about school shooting, inspired by the song Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People, and also from news of how everyday teens are bullied and pushed to their limit.

Spend every day in and out

Kids teasing, crying

No doubt

Some completely useless

Bullying; it's relentless

Some dangling on the cliff by fingers

Pushed down by the "cool" figures

I'm one

You little clueless kids

Better run, run, run

I want you at the end of my gun, gun, gun

I'm aiming right at your head

If I miss better look under your bed

Should've kept your mouth shut

Daddy bought me a knife so your throat could be cut

You don't know what words do to people

It will take them to jump off that steeple

Mama said I should just ignore your quarrels

But you send my head in spiralss

I'ma come and shoot it from roof to basement

With you and your friends, for sadness, relief will be my replacement

The End

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