Run Away

-I can't say that im good because truth is, I grew up in sorrow. Cries that were once silent grew louder as my heart broke each more every day and it changed me. I can say that I will always care but its never shown just how much I still do. I hide behind emotions I try so hard to shelter. I'm not an open book but I am easy to read because when you look in my eyes you'll see how deep that pain goes-

I don't know who I am.
 Anymore I continue to stray,
 From the person I was,
 To a person I never wanted to be.

 There's all this pain in my heart.
 It wasn't always there but then again, everything has a start.
 I guess that's how it began
 How my story played,
 Into chapters of horror.

 I feel it, the constant ache.
 About a life god made, that the world could take,
 Changing it into something fragile and broken.
 Turning into anger and spite.
 Tell is that right?

 I don't understand, how I could be a child of innocence and joy,
 From a carefree mind and happy dreams for life to destroy.
 I don't understand how easy it is for creation to be so beautiful one moment,
 So god like and heavenly sent,
 To self destruction and evil the next.

 Run away.
 That's what I keep doing.
 I'm in a battle for my own wits and sanity.
 Dodging hate and others profanity.
 From eyes that look at me with disgust,
 Cold stares with dis-trust,
 And walking past them with a heavy burden.
 That no one bothered to see.
 Because they just simply didn't care about people like me.

 Run away.
 Its the only thing that seems right.
 Because there is nothing, no life dream or happy ending in sight.
 So I continue to walk in a straight direction,
 Not knowing where it'll lead but hoping it'll take me away,
 And maybe someday, I will find my way.
 Back to the place I belong,
 Back when I was happy and the world didn't seem so wrong.

 Until then, I will run.
 Towards the darkened night and past the rising sun.
 For now.
 Until I learn how,
 To be who I used to be.
 When I wasn't bad or coldhearted but just simply me.
 Because even though the world made the person I am today,
 Doesn't mean that new me has to stay.
 And that old being is just at rest,
 And I think that's for the best.
 Because it means im not truly gone.

 Until then, its a journey for a break through,
 And ill run away,
 Till I see my life, that I once knew.

The End

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