Rules of Life

What i live by

My rules in life…

Are hard to give.

I’m living to learn,

And learning to live.


But if I must,

Find the rules…

Of which, I live my life…

I tell you now,

I am not always good,

When following the rules of life.


The rules I live by…

Are quite simple as this:

I never judge.

I never hit.

I never ever set a standard,

For which my life, must be lived.


I am not always honest.

I am not always nice.

And sometimes…

I don’t always pay the price.


But when I break, such rules as these…

My conscience reminds me of my misdeed.


These rules in life,

I try to follow,

Are easier than pie.

But sometimes…

I do worse things than just lie.


In life I learned, to never laugh,

At those that are misfortuned…

But instead I lend a helping hand,

To those that get put to torture.

The End

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