Rotten Sister.

I tried to shout at you and yell, but my weakness spilled down my face 

With shaking hands, I fixed my mascara and hair back in place 

You kept saying you don't think the way I do 

I hated how It even hurt just to look up at you...

Then when I should have gotten up to walk away, to leave 

You still continued to blindly lie and to deceive 

And I couldn't bear the thought of leaving you this time, for good 

Even though I know that after everything, I should run, I really should. 

So I did what I should for once and took off each shoe, 

Then I fled across the hard tarmac roads, away from you, 

But in my head, friend you were there too and the weakness spilled some more 

As each white lie and wasted moment into my bleeding soul tore 

Apart who I was and I forgot how to breathe 

This betrayal was too contrived to forgive or to conceive 

Because It's just not you, Friend how could you think to.....

Friend, could you. 

Maybe underneath the sister I loved so much, she was rotten, bad 

Because in the end, She'd broken my heart. 

Just as much as he had. 

The End

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