Ross's Poem

If I tied you up,

threw you out to sea,

you'd drown. . .

But when I tie rope

around your heart,

I'm anchoring you to my soul.


If I stab you here,

where I've placed my hand,

you'll die, right?

But when my touch

Caresses you,

it's to say you're mine.


If I made you fall,

you would hurt yourself.

But when you fall

into my eyes,

it's purest bliss.


If I told you lies,

it would break your heart.

But I tell you love

and complete your soul.


In the air we breathe,

in the ocean deep,

in all fires lit

and on all terrain,

looking carefully

you will find our love

for it's Nature's will

that we share our lives.

The End

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