Roses to Markings

Basically this is a part of my series. There are these shadows called Markings, to make a Marking, you have to get rid of the person's own state of mind. So they aren't allowed to choose anything for themselves. That part of their soul is turned into a rose. The main characters are in a maze made of roses. Now...Just think of how many lives are needed to make that.



Think of pain

When spectrum was covered

Think of the blood-ridden stain

With red it was smothered


The glossy eye in daze

Playing the victims roles

Since we were left in a maze

Surrounded by roses with souls


When you break the stem it bleeds

In the rose their soul still strives

And to create them a life it needs

Shadows are made of lives


Now they wait for the return of their sun

Only waiting

Waiting for the one

The End

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