Roses Look Prettier When They Are Dead

Silence builds and peaks and lapses like time,

Mascara-black tears solidify on frozen skin,

Roses look prettier when they are dead.

The world looks prettier when it is falling apart.


Withered petals flake away,

Heads lopped off, all thorns are bleeding.

Cracked red nails lined with an arch of blood,

Can you take all the misery that you caused me,

With you to hell and light a fire to the demons???


All the time you've made me want to die,

Were wasted now that you've gone instead,

Every new scar I've engraved is a pain-offering,

To you, to acceptance, to 'fitting-in'

My wrists are a shrine to you, alight with scars.


So now you die, I hope it hurt,

Hurt like a monotonous pounding of bullets,

Like a million jagged, rusting daggers.

The sight of your lifeless corpse is something I've waited for,

For my whole life, through years of pain you caused,

You'd probably wondered in life how you'd look in the coffin,

Roses are always prettier when they are dead,


And the sight of your death pleases me.



The End

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