Another Doctor Who inspired poem...

Beautiful blonde locks falling down

Teardrops stain the sandy ground

From chocolate eyes, sparkling like stars

Banning her from him are lock and bars

Cast from moondust and the darkness of space

She died in that world, without a trace

And in another, comes a brand new face

A mother gone, a father found

Of love's true kiss there is no sound

Of angels singing as they find one another

Listen my sister and dearest brother

And hear of all that was, is and is to come

The steady rhythm of a four-beat drum

And the throbbing hum

Of that magical box

That clever man - sly as a fox

Who lost his Rose to the perils of time

That lonely angel, vengeful god

Beware o' monsters, where thou trod

For waiting at the darkest hour

Is the last of his kind

Who lost his love

Rose stares into the great above,

And thinks of the Doctor

To him, she is lost

Rose Tyler, we will remember you....

The End

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