Hear voices speeking warmly to your soul
Words of forgiveness, Letters yet untold,
As roses bloom, the gardens wither,
The sun dies as the moon shines with no light.

See fireflies suck at the red, warm nector,
As flames, burning in the fireplace break free,
See roses blooming n daffodile fields,
Blood red pettles on the floor, cry softly,
The world shuts all sounds that smile,
Makes the pettles fall,
Like roses on a blood red wall.

Speek softly to the soul
Blood red pettles from the arm like vines,
Gently fall with tears.
Softly sleep with dreams,
Eternity, drink the silence of a lonely melody,
Keep it near heart as heart blackens pettles bleed,
The sweet masocism, words of sweet hate
Echo through fields as roses wither,

Red dafodiles in black dead fields,
How beutiful you bloom
When the sky is red
And there is no moon.

The End

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