OK. Its not easy to get these poems, and I dont expect you too. They have a meaning only for me. They may make no sence whatsoever to you, but they mean the world to me. Its a collection of poems, so your free to your own interpritation, but dont ask me to explain, lets just say its personal, and you wont get it. Its not rubbish, so if you have no interpritation of your own, and cant mke one up, please dont scrap it off as rubbish.

It is more important to me than life itself, so please dont hate rate!!!

Enjoy, and please correct my spellings!!! (still have no spell check!!)

Thanks- Xenia


"So when Im crying alone
When Im cold as a dying stone
Grow me a garden of Roses,
Paint me the colours of Sky and rain."

By - Poets of the Fall

The End

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