Time is passing quickly,
Even faster than it seems,
So many things are changing,
My mind is racing through my dreams,
The future lies ahead,
All mysterious and blind,
If only I could keep one person,
With the power to remind,

Independance is not easy,
It well deserves the fear,
The excitement and the dread,
And the all too common tears,

Road blocks and bumps could change me,
Into someone that I'm not,
It happens every Thursday,
My good side starts to rot,
But on Friday I recover myself,
The bitter repressed a while,
And all of the fault belongs,
In two brown eyes and a smile,

What happens in two years,
When that safe harbor is no more?
What about five years,
When the stress alters my core?
I hope he will find me,
His face will be enough,
To bring me back to the place,
The place where I grew up,

No it wasn't where I lived,
But it was real enough to me,
It wasn't even a home,
But it was where my heart was free,

His voice could bring me back,
How he used to be my brother,
He could make me laugh again,
And remind me of his mother,
I could fall in love with him,
Then a grown up brilliant man,
He just might be the key,
To reminding me who I am.

The End

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