Room Of Loneliness

Musings on life and death and our perception of its utter mystery.

Oblivion will not suffice
To the path we take only twice
Surely an open door must be
Somewhere in between our life.

Emptiness will never do
For all the creatures destiny slew
We take the knob but it won't turn
Through the peephole secrets unlearned

Locked away inside this room
Without a key to escape the gloom
With the threat of nullity 
Behind our fragile boundary

An end of all just cannot serve
Our apparent learning curve
If we were made so broken
When will they come fix us?

Was this room ever occupied?
Or were thoughts of company only a lie?
When will we get to take a peek
To find the reason why we speak?

Loneliness is a thousand little deaths
To stagnate is to suffer
We will not know till our final breath
If there is an open door.

The End

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