Romeo's Riddle

This was inspired in part by the countless plays of The Agonist's Chlorpromazine and Swan Lake. I don't know what to make of it but here it is.

I love you my darling dear

I just wanted to see you again

In the startling sea your face it calls to me

Calls to me

And so I bend

To your will to your grace lies a love I cannot replace.

In your eyes I see paradise

I see all the lies others threw at me like daggers and so

Death comes again my dear

Like swans we surely shall appear

Death comes again my dear

Yet I will never forget you


My love my heart my angellight

Don’t fear about the eyes that steal your pride tonight

So I’ll come like the night, draped in velvet

Nocturnity falls as I think of the riddle

“When does three equal one plus one”

Open up your eyes


Open up your eyes and see that my voice calls out your name

Everything is alive but dead, it’s a consequence of living

Nothing is what it seems

Bleeding by desperation like a martyr

Promises of love and elation

Will never come by me again


How painful is this wish to elope

My wish to hold your hand

This night drives me to be the last thing you see

All we love will die

So I drive myself to be with you even in the morbid sense

Life is a vanity


My own reality mirrors my hope

The final movement unfolds


You’ll need me

I just want to hold your hand

Critics hate what they don’t understand

My life is over when the heart starts beating for someone else

When does three equal one plus one?

The answer of course is life, birth, creation.

And as I lie dying, I realize

I’ve damned us both

To run away with a boy



The End

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