Romeo and Juliet

The world's most beloved pair of idiots.

Love, and love copiously

Exist harmoniously

Blushes and smiles -

Ways to while

Away the unforgiving time

Christ, it's nearly a crime

To be alone

Not completely stoned

On the idea of 'happiness'

And sappiness

And giggling, drunk crappiness 

We get it, you're friends

To the ends

Of the Earth

Full of mirth

And so damn glad

Never sad.

Not at all

Take my call

Smile for the photos darling

Let me hold your hand as we walk, starling

Don't dare cry, 

I don't get why

You would if you had me!

We're perfect, we have to be!

No, really you're two bumbling fools

Drowning yourselves in shallow pools

"I love you dear!"

You're nowhere near

To love, it's clear. 

That's what you've got to hear. 

The End

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