Romance Through Heartaches

Basically, this poem is about that certain time you try so hard not to fall for someone, and end up doing so more than anticipated, just to later be thrown on your ass. However, blaming yourself is much easier than blaming that immaculate person you now hanker for.

Life is unwilling to compromise with my faults.

The lingering aroma of hatred and regret.

What is there to regret?

Besides the horrendous situation that has been done.

What do I get from regret?

Misery and decay.

The aroma is becoming a stench.

My senses have failed, just as my heart.

Where was that barrier and front I created,

to avoid confusion and distress?

He took me higher.

Higher than what I perceived as possible.

My heart is stone.

My image is confused.

The discombobulate feeling.

It must have grown.

Life left on the side of the road.

With the love and misery it brought.

There’s no evident purpose.

Just life. And the heartache it left behind.

The End

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