Romance is Far Gone still Haunting me

She is waiting for her lover to change to be there for her, to stop neglecting her, but he doesn't so when she finally decides to leave he still haunts her mind.

I am watching out the window

As I can't help but admit

That time is going so slow

As I watch here and sit

Will this pattern ever change?

And will you stop loving me as your absence never changes?


Now alone in this room

waiting for you to come home

And I miss you now that I have left you

Believe me it tore the soul right out of me


When will time fade this?

When will time erase this?


When the room is full of strangers faces

Its yours whom i am searching for


Still, you have disappeared

At least physically, like roses in the winter

And honey flavored suckles in the fall

I loved you so

Please believe... I just wanted you

The End

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