Roller Coaster

My friend inspired me to write this one and I guess you could say it's dedicated to her now.

Up, down, side to side
You say its fun
Butterflies in your stomach
Soon turning into nausea
Up, down, side to side
Your whipped back and forth on this joyful ride
Finally it comes to an end
I told you before you got on this, that it was a bad idea
You brushed off my warning like it was nothing
I got you away from the ride for a while
Up, down, side to side
Coming off the ride
You look right at me, you were right
Up, down, side to side
It’s almost as if the ride is calling your name
For some unknown reason you get back on
Up, down, side to side
This emotional roller coaster was not a ride I had suggested
Not a good idea
Yet I’ll be waiting at the end of the ride
When you walk off I’ll be there to help

The End

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