Rolled Eyes and Egg Salad Sandwiches

I saw the sunset smile aimlessly across the vast blue horizon of tomorrows waste mind flickering at the possibilities and extremities of mismanaged middle aged self awareness
Breaking across the force fields of rejection in a middle class suburban nightmare making my way across the city of lost souls and broken dreams trying to find my exit
Roosevelt highways of rosy colored blossoms flirted with my angst of future ramifications lost with tomorrows youth of fickle fiends and lysogenic lovers of long lost despair
Tungsten tongue twisters of menacing improbability dose my anger about my lack of place
Movement of swirling camcorder nickels infestation without proper cause
Mixed emotions of otter swimming dragons whose only goal is what awaits them at the end of their individuality
Drug induced comas smash interstellar flames of desire and passion that breaks apart the insestuial love of the third bars masterful scheme
Quickly spinning across flower fields of mind erasing dramas and buddhas of compassion
Lackluster performances of quarterly festering wounds of the proverbs last track of dynamo exploding infernos of yesterdays pacifism
Candlelit fear of super sensational mixed camcorder mexico with lime light pressings beyond backbone corridors of meatloaf melodrama
Worldly feelings fealty movement scatters across thick brained hardwirings of pasta suited penguins of penitence
Gone against the winds infinite wisdom shatters all hope of redemption once again incomplete

The End

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