Rogan Josh

How to make some delicious food

“If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch,

you must first invent the universe” - Carl Sagan

Before the first drop of oil

Spreads over the belly of the pot

You must clear you mind

As you clear your kitchen

Of all unnecessary articles. 

To cook Rogan Josh,

You must be of the mindset 

To cook Rogan Josh

Now, you may drip the oil into the pot.

Be mindful to create only

A thin base, before raising the flames.

As the oil begins to spit, toss in the 

Onions finely diced, and stir. Listen

Only to the sound of the onions, and

Watch as they turn translucent, and soft.

Add ginger and garlic, continue stirring.

Stir in the spices:

Garam Masala, coriander, cumin,

A teaspoon of chili powder,

More if additional heat is your desire.

The mixture will appear dry, but fear not -

This is what is called ‘dry roasting’.

Breathe in, and the scent of these

Spices will rise, whirling and complex,

An aura to carry you to the 

Shores of Nirvana.

Breathe out, and the aroma will

Pervade your house as it floats

Towards your lover to invite

Them to join you in cooking.

Together, approach the leg of lamb.

Standing behind your lover, entwine

Your hands as you pull the flesh

Away from the lamb’s bone in pieces. 

Do not ignore the blood,

Let it warm between your fingers.

This lamb has sacrificed all

So that you may have

This night. Do not resist

Your desire to lean forward

And taste your lover’s neck.

Add the lamb to the mixture,

Cook until fully browned. Then,

Throw in chopped tomatoes.

Cook a few minutes more

Before adding yoghurt.

Mix together completely as

The night sky mixes with

The face of the river.

Place the lid on and lower the flame.

Return every half hour to stir,

But allow the next two hours to do

Whatever you and your lover may desire;

This is not a recipe about what you must do,

This is a recipe about Rogan Josh.

When you return, you will notice

The mixture is thicker, the color

Changed to a deep, enticing red.

At this moment, it is ready.

As you and your lover sit to eat,

Allow your bodies to warm,

To perspire, to cleanse themselves, to glow.

The End

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