Rock Paper Sissors Pool: The Start of My New Age

The first poem I've written in months. Finally feeling as though my muse is back. This poem is mainly for me to remember the day my creativity came back in full force.

Today I saw a new sunrise, did me some good

Came as a surprise as through different eyes

And I thought to myself: could I revisit my childhood?

What drove me mad,

Caused me to be so sad

And made me hate myself so bad?


It started with a girl as always as all things should

Lost in her thoughts yet hated from afar where thoughts are pried

Sought her smile to make her feel good

My heart it soars, closing the sores, and finally glad too.


All it took was sitting in that arcade to change my mood

Sitting in that corner looking so sly

And in three person pool as I stand renewed

My mind calls out to me again


“Welcome to the new age!”

Cries out the jukebox infront of me

Friendship isn’t bought

And no one needs to be nosing in my life now anew


“Welcome to the New Age”

Prize of the mind has come with three

Lesbians, a square hippy and I

People I would have ignored or fought

Have brought me back from death of thought


Sometimes we doubt we belong in the universe

Seeing sunlight we barely do

And revisiting my past I see him, my former self


And he’s smiling at me

Because Today is The Start of my New Age

Something I never thought I’d have.


The End

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