Robyn(soon to be) McCulloch

A poem dedicated to my amazing fiancee.

Three years now, no wait,almost four.

Years I've grown to love you,walking through that door.

Your smile, your eyes.  I feel like I could fly.

You're just so amazing, don't even have to try.


Going out all day long, my

arms are where you belong, or

watching T.V, I'm just happy that

you'll forever be with me.


At first I was scared, not sure how to feel,

but after mere months I knew true love was real

I don't know how it happened , but it did

and I'm glad.One thing is certain, you're the best friend I've had.


I love you forever,

and I know you love me,

all from that day, that

you and I turned into 'we'

The End

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