A new beginning

As all things that have a start usually has an end, even when one person decides to start something new it eventually ends. I always wanted what might be a new start to a life that i have always wanted but was slightly out of reach, a life of wonder and fasination, a life with family and friends, but this beginning was not for me but for a child a small boy about the age of 10, this boy had all the potential in the world but all he was missing was the encouragement. I had no idea who this boy was or who he might be, but what i did know is that if i helped him things would be different, i wanted to see a change in the world so i gave up everything that allowed for me to continue on for my dream and gave them to the boy, i was about 40 years old and i had my chance to fallow my dream the one thing that kept me rolling, the boys dream was to become president of the states, i dont know how likley it is for him to succeed in this goal, but just to see one more smile in this world i helped this boy grow up. as he turned 34 and is a year off from being old enough to run for president i am 64 years old and on my death bed, the boy, (well i shouldnt be calling him boy, his name is James.) As James walked in the first thing he said is "a good person chases their dreams, but the best people are the ones who give up their dreams to help other achieve them. The greatest honor is to know that those people never die to those who they helped, they just are not around to cherish in person." these words were the last ones that i heard. "Before i die." i gasped as James started to walk away "i just wanted you to know i'm proud to have helped you with your dream and i hope that you share to those with less than you, because one dream is not enough to change the world, you need people by your side and i didnt have that person their until i met you and i want to say thank you because not only are you about to achieve your dream of being president, you helped with mine, you became what i would consider a family." things started to go dim and fade away as i finished saying that last line when eventually i laid down in the eternal sleep.

The End

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