Ambiguous Providence

Can't You tell me
Who I am
What's to happen
What's to pass

I don't believe in cold, stark fate
And yet it seems to mock me, lurking in wait
Tell me please, I wish to know
Is it one of fancy or one of woe?

And enlighten me please, if You dare
Don't hold back for my heart to spare
Shall I be Gatsby or maybe the Prince?
Romance and tragedy are so easy to mince

What are you but fate itself?
A ball and chain, or an empty shelf?
Am I to follow in helpless tow?
Or treasure you yesterday, today and tomorrow?

Some are lucky and some are quick
And then there are those whose fate become sick
For my case, fate is but a theory
Who's thinking about makes me lost and weary

But nevertheless, the haunt still there
Never a dream, but a looming nightmare
And where should we go, I do not know
I can only hope Both bring a joyful tomorrow

The End

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