The Reaping

Deep down, I knew you would come
I knew you would be done
I knew we would speak
I knew I would forgive you

And I find myself say
That I'm nothing without you
It was a step, a rise, a fall
Something we experienced together, alone

We clear away the clouds
To see our faces through the window
Thick glass, between our fingers
What a relief it is to see you

The face I knew has changed a bit
It has become more defined
No science can explain this feeling
The many facets, between our fingers, our hands

No, it has not been easy
But we let the glass melt
Ever so slowly
Until finally, our fingers touch

And in an instant, we've forgotten
Forgotten the death
Forgotten the witch
Forgotten ourselves

And how do you fancy your hair?
Fancy your dress, your shoes, your ring?
Our ring
This day is our fancy

This day is ours, once the glass melts away between the tips of our fingers.

The End

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