The rivers of old, the mountains of time
Forever they wait, the stars align
Comets flash celestial tails
For the weary traveler of mountain trails

The blades of grass stand in wait
For the change of nature's mysterious gait
They wait through winter's cold, bitter touch
For the wonderous Spring, which brings so much

The woods, though old, stand great and tall
Taking in the folklore of all
They too wait for the touch of nature's hand
Which nurtures the small and caresses grand

The leaves pray once they touch the ground
They wish to be held, and one day be found
As all things are, as all things live
Universal is the search for love, to give

Her voice fills the essence of all things
Mother nature is vast, and everywhere she sings
Within you, without you, she is omnipresent
The heart and soul of all that is pleasant

The End

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