Undisclosed Desires

The slips of paper in my fingers
They curl round and round
The words feel like something old
Something that had died long ago
Red and white under my eyes
But only a few stand out

My eyes fix on a single line
One that I cannot tell
Simple words that are clear as day
But inspired an age of hell

"I will never leave you."

Red and white, clear as day
It's strange to think that once
I believed in every word
Not a single doubt in mind
Now the wall has crumbled
And the trust has poured all out

I bring myself to remember
Such an aweful task
But really I need to know
If your face is but a mask

I look back and see the things I've done
But how many can I count for you?
I wonder now if you'd be willing to go
The lengths I've traveled for the two of us
Can you bring it back to me?
Can you show me how far you'll go?

I want the sun to come out again
Without us fallen apart
But how far are you willing to go?
For the undisclosed desires of your heart

The End

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