The Lock and the Key

Give me a reason to disappear
Into the night, the midnight clear
Eat away your sins and fears
Hide them away until the night clears

Give it away, your soul in flight
On parchment paper, black and white
Seal the door of the willow's word
Silence the sheep so they may not be heard

Give yourself new life once you've risen
Let yourself out of this golden prison
Show me your soul, your way, your Word
Give it all to the soaring bird

Tell me to see your secretive code
Unveil it to me and show me the road
Hide yourself in a Nautilus Shell
Sit and wait in an endless Hell

Analyze the words you're given
Let them know your heart is driven
See it all in your hands
Keep yourself from false demands

You know what you want, you'll see it through
You ask me what you know is true
See it through, make sure it lasts
And let me hold your heart of glass

The End

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