The Trinity

What do you think of the stars in the sky?
Heaven and Earth are both just as high
We all stand before the eyes of a judge
Who watches the toils through which we trudge

The places we see and the people we love
Are all in the essence of the holy dove
Too often we fight the hands of God
Which in truth never push or prod

Let the river of life flow serene in you
Allow your heart to ring loud and true
His hands will guide you through torture and pain
You have nothing to fear for the length of His reign

The things of this world will all soon pass
So lean your heart on something that lasts
Discover the mysteries which surround our lives
For they are the spirit on which wisdom thrives

Narrow is the mind that sits in the present
And wise is the one that is open and pleasant
Should your heart be broken, look up to the skies
For the Lord still holds you with loving eyes

The End

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