V in red.

V is for 'virgin'.

Ride yourself round and round in circles,
Til your eyes spin.
Other people, they're the ones who win.
Because they don't care.
The winners don't care.

V is for 'victor'.

V in red.

V, really, is for 'victim'.  

But how dare I feel this way.
So privileged, high above and away;
The dream that others envy.
Or so they think.

V in red, over and over again.  

I love the buzz, the sting.

How pathetic! 
My life is less than a blip.
A slave to capitalism.
"What can I do for you, sir? Madam?"

It's a machine that goes and stops for none.
Not my sorrows, nor yours, nor anyone's.

V in scarlet red, oil for the machine.

V is for 'veil'.

Short sleeves, straight face, calm voice.

I'm good at this.

The End

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