The Revolution

Tie yourself in a ribbon of white
The lies you've told are plain in sight
The words I hear are pulling me away
From your malicious heart which kept me at bay

I'm standing on a mountain in grand repose
Beholding the sight of this smouldering Rose
The world is mine, without a doubt
The battle I've fought has cast you out

This is a new start, a whole new era
One of new sights, feelings, and an end of all terror
Across this emotional sea, so long I've trekked
Escaping the island on which I was wrecked

The war we faced was too much to bear
You abandoned the fight, and I no longer care
I am unfazed, born anew
Now that I see your heart is askew

The angel you were is gone forever
My heart, used as a safety lever
Tainted like a demon burning in the sun
I will not rest until this war is won

Come down upon me like you knew you would
You separated us like evil from good
No one can see the mysteries of pain
For they hide in the drops of the pouring rain

There are better things to see in the new-born world
But so many are blind to its meaning, unfurled
The kings and queens have ended their reign
And a new age will lift this dark spell of pain

The End

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