The Allure of Alliteration

Elegant elements of eloquent edifices exemplify eclectic efforts exceeding expectations of elected elves.  Unfortunately, unqualified uses of urban uprisings have uprooted unprotected utilitarian utopias.  Hence, hordes of happy hillbillies have hallucinated horrendously, hoping for heavenly hands to help them hurl. Nevertheless, the nettling Nords  neglect needy nerds so as to necessitate a nap for Nagoyan Nick.

Nagoyan Nick, ruler of Rome, holds hefty amounts of amazing power provided by vicious, voracious vampires.  Once the whining elves erected fifty fallacies, Nagoyan Nick decided to ditch all apprehensive efforts of destroying domes.  The vampires then vivaciously vilified Nagoyan Nick and vowed to violently victimize him if he attempted to atomize animals. 

Followed by fumbling elves, Nagoyan Nick was forced to fall into a farce.  The vampires searched seriously, smiting smoldering surfaces all the while.  Still sane, Stifling Sammy decided that dying under the delusions of violent vampires was a waste.  He hurriedly hasted to help Nagoyan Nick, bringing a bag of belts to boot.  

Stifling Sammy smote simmering salamanders in his harrowing pursuit of Nagoyan Nick, and very valiantly he vaporized vampires driving Volkswagons.  Upon usurping utilitarian utopias, the elves and Nagoyan Nick nicked a nickel from five fearsome forces. The Five Forces fought fiercely to procure their precious piece from the Foolish Fountain, but Stifling Sammy smartly stopped them, brandishing his buff belts.

The Five Forces trembled in terrible trepidation as Nagoyan Nick and the elected elves escaped efficiently.  Stifling Sammy followed after felling the Five Forces, fearing the voracious, violent vampires.  They ran rapidly to Rondow, the righteous residence of Raving Ronny.  He provided plenty of paltry peppermints, which the elected elves enveloped erroneously.

It wasn't long before the voracious vampires varied their volitions and found the Five Forces flailing by the Foolish Fountain.  Horrified, they hurried to the house which hid their horrors, the righteous residence of Raving Ronny.  They brought bones and barrels, bombs and bikes, all in an astounding attempt to annihilate their adequate adversaries. 

Stifling Sammy, Raving Ronny and Nagoyan Nick all prepared powerful pants to fight the fickle foe.  The elves eliminated envy for eleven episcopal elks and began building belts to assist Stifling Sammy.  The voracious vampires vomited across the cloven skies, darkening the day and dampening the dour drapes of Raving Ronny's righteous residence.  The nickel nicked by Nagoyan Nick multiplied and memorized many martial arts.  The voracious vampires charged, changing and chortling by chance.

Stifling Sammy belted his belts, belittling the voracious vampires.  Raving Ronny released a ray of rice, cutting the cunning cronies to kingdom come.  The elected elves elicited elephants from the Foolish Fountain, garnering garish gaiety from Nagoyan Nick.  

Slish, slash, gish, gash!

Depredation, decapitation, hospitalization, hallucination, bereavement, belittlement.

The volatile vampires vanished, with little left to lick but their bold, boiling blood. The fifty fallacies fell face-first into the Foolish Fountain, and the utilitarian utopia was no more.  The elves' elation was enough to implode iridescent ions, and Stifling Sammy was so satisfied that he hung himself horrifically.  Raving Ronny reversed his heavy head, and Nagoyan Nick swallowed a sinister snake. 

Friend and foe perished, and the planet's pollution propelled profusely.  


The End

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