If You Love Him

If you love a man, if you truly love him,
There are some things you will do.

You will physically express your love for him.

You will smile and laugh with him.

You will listen to him and encourage him.

You will work out disagreements with him.

You will surprise him with gifts (physical or otherwise).

You will tell him to love himself for who he is.

You will comfort him on his bad days.

You will always be honest with him.

You will forgive him for his mistakes.

You will understand his deepest conflicts and fears.

You will understand his greatest joys and sorrows.

You will strive to know every nuance of his personality.

You will always defend him.

You will ease any pain he is feeling.

You will wait for him.

If you love a man, if you truly love him,
There are also things you will not do.

You will not deny his love for you.

You will not purposefully harm him (emotionally, physically, mentally or spiritually).

You will not disrespect him or his area of expertise.

You will not embarrass him.

You will not court another.

You will not leave him.

You will not speak unkindly of him behind his back.

You will not make him feel insignificant.

You will not make promises that you cannot keep.

You will not break the promises that you make.

You will not hide matters from him, little or large.

You will not antagonize him.

You will not use him for an ulterior motive.

You will not be demanding of him.

You will not allow anything to compromise your dedication to him.


These are the things a woman must remember when she tells a man that she loves him.  The word love is an extremely misunderstood term in today's world.  The word can roll off our tongues without a single thought about it's implications.  If you find difficulty in keeping any part of the credo above, think twice before you tell a man that you love him.  Love is demanding, and what many couples settle for in this day and age is often very far from love.

It doesn't matter if a relationship is "meant to be".  

If you love a man, if you truly love him, these are the things you will and will not do.

The End

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