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This is all I've done for you
I can bring you through and through
Tell me all that I can do
Bring me everything you knew

I will help you through the fall
See your courage through it all
Strength is all there is to call
Til the Sun, we have it all

There is nothing we can't see
Tell me what is meant to be?
Just a calling of the free
It means nothing to be me
It doesn't matter much to me
Sit beneath my old oak tree

Just before you make the call
Everyone will take the fall
For the line, we'll take it all
We were once the strong and tall

Hope is here to stay and grow
Take your shots before you throw
Let it be before thew know
Faith is in the things we know
Love will never cease to grow

I will always be here now
Just incase we need to bow
Fold your arms and twist your brow

We will come together soon
In the night, and in the moon
Dancing slowly by the moon
Don't slow down, we'll be there soon

Keep your heart, oh from the past
I will seek the door that's last
Keep your shoes on running fast
Hold yourself above the mast
Keep yourself from Satan's cast
Darkness is a frozen mask
Reaping is a solemn task
You have a question, let me ask

There's nothing more that I can do
To keep you from the followed few

You know the truth is never clear
But you may keep it, year to year
Light is always what we fear
When darkness is the solemn tear
If you would whisper in my ear
And tell the stories I want to hear

I could fix you with some care
A perfect bloom, the perfect pair
I was never much compare
To all the saints in true despair
Nothing here is ever fair
Before we eat, we say a prayer
You must know that it is rare
For all of us to start and scare

Before I end this show tonight
You will tell me of your plight
The sun is rising, what a sight
For the weary man who turns at night. 

I will keep you from the dark

The End

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