Chasing the Light

All I ever wanted to do
Was give something back.
To those who are true,
Who are stabbed in the back.

They deserve freedom,
They deserve life;
If I could just take away
Some part of their strife.

I am no god,
Nor prophet or saint.
I just want to fix
What this world seems to taint.

The Darkness is
The most common foe.
We've all seen it's face;
We've all felt woe.

I want to help
All these people I see.
The ones who have suffered;
The ones like me. 


I know your pain,
I've seen it last.
Just hold on tight;
It will be fast. 

Let me see you,
I mustn't know you,
I must only feel you,
I must only touch.

I want to hear you, 
I want to share,
I know where,
And I know when.

Don't ask me,
Only hold on.
And tell me when it's over,
How it feels, what it's like;

And I will be there, always.

The End

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