The Spark

I don't understand
I don't know why
I don't see how
I don't know when

When did it leave?
When was it snuffed out?
Where did I see it last?
Where did it go?

I've tried so many times
To find it
To see it
To feel it

For no reason at all, it eludes me
For all the promises in the world, it will not show
I don't know why it hides from me
I don't know why, and it drives me mad

The most wondrous creature cannot inspire
The most wondrous feeling of heart's desire
Shall I surrender to solemn ghosts?
Or continue to try new modest hosts?

No matter how much I adore, 
How much I care,
The fire inside me will not start, 
Not a single flare.

Can someone help me find my spark?
I fear I've lost it in the midst of the dark. 

The End

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