Appearance Vs. Reality

They see so many things.

They see a man with a bright future,
They see a man with brilliance and style,
They see a man with passion and integrity.

They see a man who can command the admission to any university of his desire. They envy his intelligence, his success, his advantageous position in life.

But not many are close to this man.

Not many know his inner workings,
Not many can see behind his eyes,
Not many can see into his soul.

Perhaps this man is too modest,
Perhaps he is too humble,
For he considers his accomplishments petty,
At least compared to what is inside.

There is the truth.

The truth of this man,
Is that he is plagued,
With terrible and relentless fear.

Surrounded by many, understood by few.

Ghosts will continue to haunt this man,
Ghosts of fear and lonliness,
Ghosts that could haunt him forever.

Greatness is what they see,
But emptiness is the reality.

The End

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