1 Corinthians 13:13

I'm afraid I can't help but see
That part of my heart has changed
It has changed you and changes you still
My thoughts about you are not so straight forward 

You've been antagonized to an extent
A sense of distrust is etched inside
A stain that is here to stay
My mind is never the same about you

I often wonder
What you think about
Who you think about
What you feel

I wonder if it's changed at all

Logic tells me not to doubt you
I know that you're true
But all the logic in the world
Can't reason with the heart

It's like an instinct
Don't touch the stove after it burns you
A constant pinprick in my mind
Reminding me, warning me, worrying me

And there's a whole new part
That seems so apathetic
About you
About us

Somewhere in between all this
is hope and faith
and love
And, I suppose...

the greatest of these is still love.

The End

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