Last Night's Dream

I wrote you some letters, if you recall.  My heart, my love I put in them all.  I sent them off with our future in mind.  The future we'd spoken of for all that time.  I had even taken it upon myself to buy you a ring with my hard-earned wealth.  The wait I endured was torture enough.  It was tempting to break, but my heart remained tough.

A month and three days since I'd last seen them, the letters returned in red rose pen.  The script of your hand had so much to tell.  I trembled with excitement, my heart in a spell.  The world just stopped turning as I opened the note.  And what did I find? A short paragraph you wrote:

I'm sorry, dear Jack, I know we were fond.  But time did its work, and it's broken our bond.  There's a new man in town, he's bold, strong and thin.  His name's Kevin Stroud, I think he'll fit in.  I've taken a new liking, woken up to a new day.  I'm sorry, dear Jack, you're just too far away.  Find yourself a new lover, there's plenty around:  someone else to keep your heart safe and sound.  Please, dear Jack, don't get me wrong.  I'd take you right back if the trip wasn't long.  You're a really great guy, the best I'm sure.  But my heart can't take missing you any more.  In the other letters here, my condolences you'll find.  And always remember, you'll never leave my mind.

I hope you're okay with the path I chose.

Wishing you all the best,

Your friend, Anna Rose  

I didn't continue to read thereafter.  I cried out in frustration and threw it up to the rafters.  Not only had my heart sunk in pure despair, but the cost of the ring left me nothing to wear.  For the rest of the night, I cried, cursed, and grieved.  I played with a thought, a menacing deed.  This thought seemed to bellow through my dark, sullen home.  It teased and it taunted when I was alone.  It told me to jump, a three-story fall.  I shook my head "no", but still my skin crawled. 

Anger and resentment built day after day, the life of my heart in slow decay.  I was tortured by death, his shadow lurked near.  He smiled and smirked, with an occasional sneer.

For years to come, my heart would lay dormant.  But then a girl came, promising no torment.  She healed me inside and brought back my smile.  I learned to love her after a while.  We danced every night and laughed every day.  I told her I wouldn't want it any other way. 

Forgive me now, I've left out her name.  It rings like a bell chime, her name's Sarah Lane.  After three or four years of being together, I proposed to her with a ring and a feather.  The same ring, yes, I would've given you.  Had you not been so selfish and gotten a clue.

I'm sorry, Anna Rose, this is all I can write.  My dear wife and I are going out for the night.  I'm sorry Kev-what's-his-face cheated on you.  But really, there's not a thing I can do.  You're a really great girl, the best I'm sure.  But I can't let my heart be crushed any more.

I'm truly sorry that your life's out of whack

Best wishes to you,

Your friend, Jack

The End

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