Table of Contents

This is an all-inclusive collection of the poetry I've written (and kept track of, as there are several good poems which I have misplaced...). I was inspired to do this by reading another series similar to this elsewhere on Protagonize. I will add to it as old poems resurface and as I write new ones. I have named this collection of poetry after a famous work of music: Rite of Spring, by Igor Stravinsky. It is an exceedingly emotional work of art, as I hope my poetry is.

Poetry has always been my favorite genre of literature. It is expressive without too much detail. Poetry can sooth the soul or darken the heart.  I will update this table of contents as more poetry is added. Enjoy.


One - The Trinity

Two - Witching Hour

Three - The Lock and the Key

Four - I Wonder

 Five - The Eye of a Storm

Six - Undisclosed Desires

Seven - Meditation

Eight - When We Dance

Nine - The Reaping

Ten - Ambiguous Providence

Eleven - The Shore

Twelve - Last Night's Dream

Thirteen - The Ring

Fourteen - 1 Corinthians 13:13

Fifteen - The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Sixteen - Appearance Vs. Reality

Seventeen - The Pendulum of Power

Eighteen - Foggy Disconsolation

Nineteen - The Weary Traveler

Twenty - Wasteland of Ice

Twenty-One - The Grave

Twenty-Two - Aquamarine

Twenty-Three - My Kitty

Twenty-Four - The Spark

Twenty-Five - The Game

Twenty-Six - The Vision

Twenty-Seven - Chasing the Light

Twenty-Eight - Lyrics, Lines

Twenty-Nine - If You Love Him

Thirty - If You Love Her

Thirty-One - Let Them Know

Thirty-Two - Rainy Day

Thirty-Three - The Allure of Alliteration

Thirty-Four - Playing to Win

Thirty-Five - What Will Come

Thirty-Six - Memorial Service

Thirty-Seven - Lights

Thirty-Eight - Revolution

Thirty-Nine - Beautiful Ghost

Forty - The Lonely Boy

Forty-One - Beautiful Lie

Forty-Two - The Keep

The End

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