Rising Into Oblivion


Looking for safety i hide behind my tears

For there is nothing that shall protect me from my fears

My soul is forsaken so is my spirit

My mind is failing don't come near it

Love, unlike hate is hard to find

Hard to find like peace of mind

Floating into oblivion i find an empty space

I crawl into it,disappear without a trace

No one can save me now,not even you God

True believer once,all faith is now gone.

Angry as hell,i raise my fist in the air.

I feel something missing but i do not care

Power entering my spirit, evil entering my veins

I feel the strenght, i am now impossible to tame

I see the fire in front of me, time to take the leap.

I feel no more but lust and hate

My sole goal is to desecrate

I shall conquer the kingdom, the kingdom of hell

I will wear the crown so everyone can tell.

Minions on the watch, awaiting my every order

I am now king, no one shall cross the border

The rules are set,my will be done

The battle is soon, it shall be won. 


The End

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