I saw a quote from a movie that I was really inspired by the quote was: "Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, but that we are powerful beyond all measure."

We make ourselves dumb because we fear what we’ll become if we allow ourselves to be clever.

For to make a great rise we must take a great fall, but what we do not realise is that once we have risen that rise can never be taken from us, for even if we are shadowed to the summit they will fall when left to stand alone!

Our rise is ours and ours alone!

Do not begin to standardize yourselves on the precedence’s of others, for their paths are for them to take and not for you to follow.

You are your own attorney, judge and jury. It is for you to decide when you have risen and when you have been felled!

Only you can say that you’ve hit rock bottom, but I tell you friend that there is no end to the strength that you command!

The sky isn’t the limit, it never was!

The limit is when you feel that you have done enough and even then nothing is stopping a continuance at some later date.

So rise for you are powerful!

And rise, and rise again until you yourselves believe it!

The End

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