Ripped From My Bones

I lost myself that day
The skin ripped away from my bones
I ran desperately to catch hope’s last rays
Now I knew I was finally alone

The breeze is far from calm
Unsettling, shall we dance in the storm
Tear drops catch the light
There’s no beauty, only harsh glare
I feel my skin ripped, only torn

The spider’s web my mind has become
I’m prey to anyone who can read my eyes
I’ve opened myself completely to the world
I might as well dance in the storm

Envy and Jealousy are my friends in sorrow
Shift shape and evolve to hatred
There’s no peace in dreams
Or bliss in the awakening day
The shadows of my mind
Will never rest
Will never fade

I found my true home that day
As the north wind ravaged my bones
The cold electricity as I danced in the storm
It seems that the broken
Shall have no home

A melancholy cry as I head north to fade
The golden fields left to burn
Far beyond the point of being saved
My sorrowful ending is the price to be paid

The End

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