RIP Grandma

A poem I wrote for the funeral of my Grandma. May mean nothing to you, however to me it has so much meaning, so much love. It is a very personal poem and the words behind it are memories we shared/ I share with her.

I had to read this out at the funeral, this was the hardest thing I could have done.

RIP "G'ma"

I close my eyes and see a familiar smile,

Try to hold the image of you for a while.

And when I look back to remember the past,

I think to myself how it’s gone, so fast.


So fast, yet still I see all the hours

You spent talking to your flowers

You kept telling me it helped them grow

While Alec tried getting the fountain to flow.


An airhostess on a plane, that was me,

Serving you pretend biscuits and tea.

There was you sat comfortably in your chair,

And I would pretend to perm your hair.


Constant ringing of the door bell,

That must have put you both through hell!

Ghastly coloured icing we would make,

To spread on top of a homemade fairy cake.


You watched how Dad, Alec and I grew

And still kept the pictures I drew for you.

Endless supplies of Jaffa cakes and Dr. Pepper

To keep us quiet till we ate our supper.


We know you loved the garden when the sky was blue,

And we loved to see you in your garden too.

However nothing could beat your cooking skills

And yes. I loved eating up all your meals.


I remember so many things we did as a pair

I’d cut out cardboard and show you my secret lair

Set out the dining table and wait patiently,

Little things. However they’ll never leave me.


I promise I will try to stop nibbling at my nails

And I will try and protect your garden from snails.

Talking to flowers is a task I now do

I tell them what it is we used to do.


One thing I have left to say, but don’t know how,

I wish you were here with us all right now.

But that is one wish that won’t come true

So just so you know we all love you.


Thank you for being the perfect Grandma

If ever I needed you, you where never far.

Family and friends are grateful for your support

And you will always be in our thoughts!


Can’t believe you have gone from this land

I will look after Dad and Alec and hold their hand.

We love you and always will

Forever and ever and further still.


The hugs you gave to me where spectacular,

And they will remain in my heart forever!

The End

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