ring them to the tune of 'hallelujah'

i haven't written a good love poem in a while

listen darling,
can you hear the bells?

no, they're not wedding bells,
maybe they're just from the clocktower.
but at least you can hear the music in the silence,
laugh and dance to a tune no-one else hears

'cause my love isn't conditional,
i saw a bloody man with blue eyes once,
adored him at the touch of  a hand
until the crowd swept him off

even though you're a girl,
honey we can make this work
two people of the same gender
only makes for the same love

one of the cree teachings is love,
represented by an eagle,
so america you better let me get married
even if you don't like it

when did love become something
that you could put a leash on?
when did it become something
that had to be allowed?

but hey, it'll be alright
i always come out alive
no matter how many
pride parades i cheer on

we all have sacrifices
and some of us spend our entire lives
trying to win that sacrifice back
by wheedling or bribery or goodness

some people ask me why
i don't believe in god
and the truth is -
i'm not trying to be mean to people of faith

i'm just not capable of belief
and besides, when i die i don't want to go to heaven -
i don't want a heaven that has depression
or one where i can't marry you, my dear

so nobody, nobody
can remove us from this decembered massacre
a genocide of sexuality
an assault of hatred

but if you want,
you can live your life in the shadows,
-hiding, locking yourself back into that closet - you see,
they call it that because it's small and dark and scary

and you can tell a lot about a person
by what they keep in their closet -
their sexuality, their skeletons,
their regrets, their secrets.

their shoes.

The End

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