Right here, right now (unfinnished)

A song about my friends.

For a minute just forget the destination and enjoy the journey.
Live for now, not for later, we can worry 'bout later when it comes.

Friends and family are my heart, I'd do anything to see them smile.
Putting them ahead of myself, thats how I live. Got a problem with
that, I'll turn and walk away, cause fighting never sovles anything.

The saying goes ''eye for an eye makes the world blind'' so why do
we fight? Are we so self incapable of thinking about others without
trying to get something out of it?

I fear nothing, I regret less, no point in regret cause when all is
said and done, what do we have to show if we worry about the past,
look forward to the future thats the only thing that matters.

The End

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