Right and Wrong

Our society seems to refuse to take a solid stance on what is right and what is wrong. But how does that affect us?

Twerkin and dancin, flirtin and prancin

I see all these things run rampant . . . and then I switch the channel.

All these media outlets trying to make a quick buck

If you're an impressionable teen you better run to Vegas, because you're in luck.

Little Greg and Frederick have more than they can handle

Cuz who wants to compose music or play sports when Miley Cyrus is on the VMAs begging to be fondled? 

It's the plain truth without being broken or faded,

And the truth never lies or cheats on those it's with - it's unadulterated. 

Call me rude, but the media treats those they affect like I treat junk food; they aren't going to care about them until they see the affects. 

Well I won't be quite any more. 

Treatin me like a whore thinking I'll sell out who I am so I can get a little more? 

More what!? Money, success, fame? Think I'll run my morals dry just so I can make it rain? 

Forget it. See we've lost the ability to separate right from wrong. 

It's why when half these rappers write their songs the whole theme is hittin' bongs or snappin' thongs. 

It's why twerking is a fad, teenage sex is considered rad, and anybody who speaks against it . . . is bad? 

It's why YOLO is said just for the heck of it, only prudes and geeks stay celibate, and why people like Miley Cyrus, Hugh Hefner, and half the hip-hop culture are even relevant.

But you know what's funny? I'm not any better. 

I've just received the grace to see how devastating it is and get out of the pool of sin before I got any wetter. 

Because I was in deep, my eyes shielded from the Son like some Ray-Bans,

But God can rehabilitate you way faster than Dr. Drew can.

So join the club; we've got former addicts, cheaters, lusters, and wife beaters; adulterers, coveters, murderers, and drug dealers.

And you can call me cheesy; there's way worse insults than dairy.

I'm just covered in the blood like I was at the prom with Carrie. 

The End

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