You know... being unloved isn't all that bad.

I eman when you finally come to terms with the fact that nobody will ever love you, and that you were a mistake to begin with... it isnt that bad.

Life, gets a little easier. You find... alternative means to get the warm fuzzy feelings.

I mean, getting absolutely plastered until you can barely form a sentence, is just like getting akiss on the cheek from Mommy right?

And taking another hit from the pipe, another pill, just one more taste of tar; is just like getting bearhugged by Daddy, right?

Oh! Don't forget how cuting your wrists OVER&OVER&OVER, so that all the scars combined looks like one. giant. BURN.... how that is just like feeling loved, getting called beautiful for the first time ever, seeing love in your parents' eyes instead of hate, getting a hug or a kiss instead of a bloody nose or a broken wrist... Right?

I mean, look at me!  I turned out GREAT. Who cares that i've tried to kill myself multiple times! or that my wrists always look bright red now! Or the fact that i can't walk past a goddamn mirror without being disgusted by the whale, the pathetic excuse for a human, i see staring back at me the few times im sober...

I turned out just fine. I never needed a kiss from mommy or a hug from daddy. SCREW THEM! Screw the bruises they left, the broken bones, and most of all... the scars they left...


like I said.... being unloved isnt all that bad...


The End

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