Riding My Star

Just a poem about life in general... We all have a star that we know we're lucky to have, but can't help wondering what's ahead of us.

Some may stay on the first star they find in their universe.

But the weight riding this star almost feels like a curse.

Like I'm pinned to the floor with no air to breathe,

All I can do is dream and hope that please -

I'll find the strength and ride out my star

Or to break out and see how far

I can venture, leaving behind my star's beauty

Although I feel a compelling duty...

But what can I do when the best consolation

I can take is that for certain

That somewhere, soaring through this galaxy

Is someone who'll take this star after me.

As beautiful as this star is...

I must be strong and promise

That I'll try to make it work - or go.

And try not to hurt my star's pure glow.

The End

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