Rider of the Solitude


Rain in woods, so deeply chanting

Could but compose sorrows and shallow sighings

Of dying limbs, it would embrace but mind

... An interlude to a withering fortress...


Hair endrained, and body so cold

Who has none other than the tree's gentle arms

Longlashed and eerie eyes, seeking of nothing

... A listener of the melancholy earth...


Bird in tree, sat so trembling

For no wind of his could beat this drain of grief

Songless voice faded, fewer words to utter

... A teller of the bitter truth's...


Air of void, of the forest's embrace

Then it's solitary chanter wandered hither in a pace

To greet her ashen, fragmented soul

... A soldier sworn to stand alone...


Hearts not beating, and eyes of gloom

Would bring them together in a speechless gaze

The soil touched his knees, for her to accompany

... A rider of the solitude...

The End

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