Revolutionary Weep

For those that fight. 

For those that fall. 

For those that write. 

For those who stand tall. 

For those who've lost. 

For those who've fought. 

For those who've been bought. 

For those who thought... 

You were wrong when we were right. 

That our revolution would end by the dawn after night. 

We are here.

                    We are not going.

                                              We are strong.

                                                                     We will never be gone. 

We never sleep. 

                    We never rest. 

                                             We never weep. 

                                                                       We pass every test. 

Is there justice, where there are lies? 

Are there rights, where you pry your eyes? 

Can we rest now? 

                             May we sleep? 

                                                    We have passed your test. 

                                                                                               You made us weep... 

The End

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